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At Medita Spanish, we have developed a mindful learning method that is centered on the process of learning, not on the content.

We hack your brain so you are at peak performance to learn. Because learning a language is 80% about mindset and 20% about skills.

We use a mix of guided meditations, mindful practices, and NLP to create a perfect learning environment. If you have focus, have the right motivation, and your anxiety and your stress levels are down, you will be more open to learn and the knowledge will stick.


So you might be asking, how can I meditate and learn Spanish at the same time? First of all, meditation is a natural cognitive enhancer. It doesn’t always have to be you sitting in silence on your yoga mat. It can actually be something that is a reflective experience. This is why we developed a “mind active” method for our guided meditations.

Most meditations are focused on being body passive / mind passive. You relax your mind and body and go into a deeper meditative state, almost to the point where you fall asleep. Your pulse slows, your mind slows, and your body becomes slower and more mindful.

Our method is different. It’s not body passive, it’s mind active. We use higher frequency voice patterns and upbeat sounds in our guided meditations. This is a subtle but key way of keeping your mind active and energized during these meditations. The difference in our meditations and others is that we are boosting your brain power and unlocking specific belief systems to help shift your mindset for maximum learning potential.

We have meditations for every subject in typical Spanish curriculum. For example, some of our meditations are about physical descriptions and characteristics. We also have a visualization about somebody you love. We do this because the more personal it is, the more your mind relates to the lesson.
We also have meditations for things that directly affect your learning process, like anxiety, confidence, and resilience. We even have meditations specific for traditional Spanish courses, such as: before an exam meditation and before conversation class.

And the coolest part?

We show you your progress with our:

Mindset Tracker™

We are able to analyze how you feel before and after the meditations.This allows us to measure your progress so we will be able to tell you what works best for you. Because our motto is:

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

Who are we:

Our founder, Inés Ruiz, is a former Cambridge University teacher. In her career she has trained more than 5,000 teachers and taught more than 1,000 seminars at college level.

Very impressive, right? Well, she also has anxiety and hyperactivity, so mindset and meditation practices have completely changed her life and given her confidence in her ability to do whatever she puts her mind to.

Who else is on our team?

We have clinical psychologists, Spanish language PhDs, NLP experts, mindset experts, meditation experts, communication experts…and we are just getting started!

We have two types of meditations:

Mindful Learning and Choose Your Own Topic. Each type of meditation focuses on different aspects of learning or Spanish curriculum.

Mindful Learning Meditations:

 Are meant to prepare you for learning before, during, and after lessons. These meditations have been created from mindfulness practitioners, meditation teachers, and NLP experts. Some meditation examples include Study Break, Before Conversation Class, and Before An Exam.

Choose Your Own Topic Meditations:

Are based on standardized Spanish curriculum and lessons to help you feel more confident and focused as you learn Spanish. These meditations are designed by top-level Spanish teachers and meditation specialists. Some of our meditations include Parts of the Body, Physical Descriptions, and Colors.

We have between 25 to 30 meditations for each mastery level, which covers both casual and formal situations and conversations you would have in Spanish.

Beginner Level:

Meeting somebody

Talking about yourself


Physical descriptions


Walking in the city

Your home



Talking about your day

Likes and dislikes

Sounding like a native

Activities and hobbies

The city


Talking in present tense

Talking in future tense

Talking in past tense



This content is standardized based on the Instituto Cervantes curriculum, which is the Spanish curriculum that is followed worldwide. Regardless of what level of Spanish you’re at, or what region you’re in, all curriculum is based on this because it is the international institute of the Spanish language.

Mindful Learning Meditations:

Study Break Meditation

In this guided meditation, we will help clear your mind so you can focus on the content you’re studying.

Using mindset techniques and NLP, we’ll help retrain your brain to be at peak performance to study — and pass — your courses!


For those supporters who choose to invest at the GOLD FOUNDERS level ($149) and above, we have created an EXCLUSIVE FOUNDERS COMMUNITY that features a ton of premium content, monthly challenges, and personalized interactions.

We’re so excited about this VIP group experience, because we believe in supporting our supporters and continuing with our mission to help change how the world learns. 

In this unique and exclusive community, you will get access to great content and resources, including:

  • Monthly challenges
  • Masterclasses with experts
  • Meet and greets with mentors
  • Mini kickstart sessions
  • Early access to meditations
  • 5-minute vocabulary sessions
  • A grammar library
  • Short mindset videos

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We know that there are changemakers who want to do more than just support us at the ground level, they want to be a part of what we’re doing and help inspire others. So we’re super excited to let you know we’ve created a unique way to support Medita Spanish during our launch while also providing benefits and solutions to those who step up to support us.

Being a sponsor allows you to do more than just donate some money to our cause. As a sponsor, you get to be a part of our groundbreaking new app and have your name synonymous with our innovative methodology. You also get a lot of benefits as a sponsor, including all the perks and benefits that our app contributors receive (like lifetime access to the app), plus:

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Your generous contribution covers a vast amount of behind-the-scenes work. This includes our in-house team of developers who are excited to begin building the world’s 1st language and guided meditation app. Your contributions also cover PR and marketing, content development, and acquirement of meditation tools. Funds also cover a team of experts who will develop highly-focused curriculum. This includes a team of clinical psychologists, Spanish language experts, NLP experts, Mindset practitioners, and meditation specialists who have already spent tons of hours developing an incredible blueprint for our app for our students. Because our goal is to help make the Spanish language accessible to everyone.

Curriculum development
Meditation professional recording
PR and marketing
Community management
Admin team


Research has shown that students aren’t able to process all the information in one class sitting. In some cases, you only retain about 10% of what you are learning, and yet, this is how language is taught in traditional learning environments. This is because the traditional learning process isn’t set up to help you succeed. You’re sitting in a classroom and being taught only to memorize vocabulary words and conjugation. You’re just learning phrases and sentences in pieces so you can pass an exam and get a good grade. This is not an effective way to learn a language.

Happy students + “The importance of mindset”

Learning a language is 80% about your mindset and only 20% about skill. The way you think determines how you learn.


The right mindset gives you motivation, and builds confidence and resilience, so you are not only okay making mistakes, you’re using them to grow. But you can only do this is if you know how to retrain your brain and prime it for maximum learning potential.

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Want to be part of our growing community? You’ll get updates, resources and tips, and a ton of extra bonuses. Plus you’ll have an opportunity to participate in the community and help us grow and continue to develop the app based on your feedback.

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Would you like to help us spread the word? Send us an email to [email protected] We would love to hear about you! We will be running a contest for the people who bring in the most founding members. And we have some amazing prizes lined up!

As seen in:

Did you know Medita Spanish is also already an award-winning app?

That’s right!

We won two bronze Stevies for the American Business Awards – One for Startup of the Year and one for Tech Startup of the Year.

Compatible with iOs and Android


Most frequent questions and answers

No. In fact, most of our learners can’t speak any Spanish. Some may have taken Spanish in high school, or tried to learn through language learning apps, but for whatever reason, they were unable to grasp the language.

Our method works with any form of learning Spanish. Whether you’re taking Spanish classes at a University, studying on your own, using an app, or none of the above — we can help you learn Spanish at a pace and process that works for you.

At the moment, our method works alongside some form of language learning, whether that is formally taking courses or doing self-study. We are not a Spanish course, we are your support system and we’re here to help you find YOUR OWN way to learn Spanish.

No, you shouldn’t fall asleep. Traditional meditations may put your body in a rested state to the point where you fall asleep. Our meditations, however, are mind active. They are meant to “wake your brain up” and keep you energetically focused and alert as you learn.

We have developed an analytics tool, our Mindset Tracker, which helps track your mindset before and after meditations. Our method is based on several scientific theories, as well as firsthand research and knowledge from our founder. We know this works, but it’s up to you to find that key motivation to make it work FOR YOU.

Our meditations are not traditional meditations. They are not focused on being body passive, they are mind active. This means that you don’t need to sit still for long periods of time. In fact, some people find that moving around actually helps them become more focused.

Regular meditations are focused on being body passive centric. This means that the point of typical meditations is to help your body become more rested, along with your mind. Our meditations are different. They are mind active centric. This means they focus on making your mind more active and motivated. In most of our meditations, moving and being more energized actually helps create a better environment for your mind to learn.