5 Easy Ways to Enforce Your Spanish Practice on the Go

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Let’s face it. Sometimes it can be difficult to take time out of a busy schedule to practice a language. 

The good news is that there are lots of fun and creative ways to sneak a little Spanish learning into your daily commute, lunch break or even drive to work. 

Here are some easy suggestions on how to enforce a Spanish learning practice on the fly!

1. Check Out a Spanish Speaking Pod

Want to practice your Spanish and take in some useful information on a topic of your choice? 

Rather than listening to your usual English language pods, try switching over to something in Spanish. There are pods out there geared specifically toward learners, but don’t be afraid to dive into any subject that interests you. 

Don’t stress if you find it difficult to understand at first. As time goes on you will naturally find yourself picking up more and more. 

2. Bury Your Nose in a Spanish Language Book

Looking for an easy way to pass the time on your lunch break? Pick up a Spanish speaking book. 

If you find a traditional book to intimidating, start with an illustrated children’s book. Or try out a graphic novel or comic book. The pictures will lend some context and help make it easier!

3. Explore Some New Music

One of the most entertaining ways to hone your Spanish skills is to get into some spicy Latin music

There is tons of variety out there to explore, so have fun with it! You will find yourself belting out lyrics in Spanish in no time!

4. Change the Display Language on Your Smartphone

This one is a nifty trick that can be surprisingly useful when it comes to enforcing your basic conversational Spanish skills. 

Even better, most people are already familiar with the basic layout of their Smartphones, so they already have a handy frame of reference already in place. 

5. Upgrade Your Mindset With a Language Learning and Meditation App

When people think of meditation, they think of the kind of passive mind, passive body techniques that are associated with mindfulness meditation. 

But did you know that the power of meditation can actually be channeled to improve the effectiveness of language learning?

Here at Medita Spanish, we are re-inventing the way that people learn language. Our comprehensive Spanish language learning meditation app does not require the passive body or passive mind that some meditation techniques rely on. Rather, we channel the power of meditation to help you learn Spanish whenever or wherever you are, whether it be on the go or at home. 

Our all-in-one mind active language learning program includes every subject in a traditional Spanish speaking curriculum, as well as programs designed to go to the heart of the learning process itself. After all, learning a language in only 20% skills and 80% mindset. We are here to help you channel the state of mind that you need to unlock your true language learning potential. Come check us out today to find out more. 


Unlock your learning potential: A Mindset Mastery Meditation for Spanish.

Learn Spanish effortlessly with the right mindset

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