Don’t Change Your Mind, Change Your Mindset

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Did you know mindset plays a key role in how you learn?

A person decides they want to open up their world by learning a second language. They enroll in a language course, come home every day and study hard, but soon find themselves becoming frustrated. 

Not only do they find it hard to retain what they are learning, but they find themselves unable to string together basic sentences and practical phrases, even after multiple attempts at different courses. 

They decide that they don’t have the skills that you need to learn a language and give up. 

It’s an all too common scenario. 

Why So Many People Give Up on Learning a Second Language

Unfortunately, most traditional Spanish learning contexts don’t channel the true potential of our minds. 

Take the classroom, for example. Lectures rely largely on boring passive learning techniques, and dry textbooks do nothing to help people understand how a word is really supposed to sound or how it functions. This is why classroom settings are so ineffective when it comes to learning a second language.

This is a huge shame, because learning a new language is truly a life-changing experience. Having a second language not only allows first-hand access to resources that would otherwise be accessible, opens up more job opportunities and makes travel a whole lot easier and more interesting but will actually improve a person’s overall cognitive skill set. 

In other words, learning a second language will actually make you smarter.

There is an old Czech proverb that really puts it best: “You live a new life for every language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.”

It’s All About How You Learn

Here’s the big secret that everybody should know about language learning. It isn’t about your natural skillset, it is about how you approach the learning process. 

One of the most crucial components of learning a language is an active mind. Many people give up on learning a language because they believe that they do not have the natural skillset required to succeed. 

The thing that most people don’t realize is that language learning is not actually about skills. In fact, skills only factor into about a measly 20% of the equation. The other 80% of language learning? It’s all about the mindset that you are in when you approach the task. 

In reality, people give up on learning Spanish because their learning system is failing them by passively feeding them information in a way that causes them to lose focus. 

Here’s How to Tap Into Your True Learning Potential

Ever wondered why some people can make learning a language look so easy? Get ready to find out first hand. 

Here at Medita Spanish, we have come up with an innovative solution that taps into the power of the mind to help you unlock your true language learning potential. 

Our comprehensive program is based on an active mind meditation program that you don’t need to be sitting down or even standing still to use. We combine classic Spanish curriculum materials with meditation techniques that will improve your focus and elevate your potential. We even have a Mindset Tracker Tool that provides a complete overview of what works best for you. This way, you can zero in on what you actually need to succeed. Want to find out more? Come check us out today. 


Unlock your learning potential: A Mindset Mastery Meditation for Spanish.

Learn Spanish effortlessly with the right mindset

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