We’re Rebranding – New Name, New Website, New Direction!

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Hola, Familia! We have an exciting announcement: we are rebranding and that means we’ll have a new name, a new website. And we’ll be going in a new direction!

If you’re part of our Facebook Group, you know that our mission is to change the way the world learns languages.

Every day, we learn something new from our research and our students. We’re humble enough to try a new direction. This is why we’re making some big changes — including a new name and new website.

After interacting with our audience, we found that so many of you want formal Spanish courses or Spanish conversation classes. This was the goal all along, of course — to create a set of high caliber Spanish courses designed to include our Mindful Learning Method.  We recognize that so many of our followers need more than tips on how to develop a growth mindset for learning Spanish. Now we are ready to dive in and give you exactly what you need. And we currently have 5,000 teachers ready to help build our courses and design learning platforms.
Our new name will be Conversa Spanish Institute. You’ll find all our content, courses, and resources at our new website: ConversaSpanishInstitute.com.
Thank you so much for supporting us up until now and giving us the feedback we always seek. And as we grow and move forward, we hope you’ll continue to learn and grow with us as we embark on our new direction.




Unlock your learning potential: A Mindset Mastery Meditation for Spanish.

Learn Spanish effortlessly with the right mindset

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